Mark Bilsby



Greasepaint and Stage Lights!

If you love musicals and anything theatre related this is the show for you ! Collectively Mark, Mathew, Alastair and Julia have been involved in musical theatre for over 35 years so what they don't know about everything stagey just isn't worth knowing ! Join the team as they test your knowledge with The Lyrical Challenge, Mathews Musical Character, 2@22 with two songs from one musical, Al's Album Track and […]

Mark Bilsby has been involved in radio for the last 40 years on and off and in acting since 1993. He had the opportunity to play many parts, such as Mike Connors in High Society, Motel in Fiddler on the roof, Billis in South Pacific and Ko Ko in the Hot Mikado. But Mark’s passion is musicals and will be bringing you the best from musical theatre, what is happening in the UK with regards theatreland and will be joined soon by. Alastair Woodgate, Julia Rufey and Mathew Green. All specialising in one part of musical theatre. We hope you enjoy the show!

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