Rob Polland


My love and passion for radio started way back in 1962 when as a small boy for Christmas I was giving the smallest transistor radio you ever saw.

What‘s the first thing I did went to bed at 8 as usual and got my tranny out and one little earpiece “no stereo then “and tuned in to radio Luxembourg under the covers and a presenter by the name of Barry Aldiss came on, some of you of a certain age will remember him, and so the fuse was lit my love for radio had begun.

Music has been and still is a huge part of my life so radio and music together it was inevitable I would get involved.

I started out in hospital radio many moons ago and have moved to different stations over the years and eventually to internet radio which I believe is the future of many things including radio. Like many presenters I believe in radio the way it used to be and if I can be a tiny fraction as good as my hero Sir Terry Wogan I’ll be happy man mind you in saying that give me another couple of years I might be nearly good at it.

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